Welcome to Education ALIVE

Helping Students to Uncover Purpose, Unlock Knowledge,
Gain Wisdom, and Unleash their Passions

Welcome to Education ALIVE

Reaching the summit and arriving at Fully ALIVE ready to choose wise paths forward into a bright future. 

Welcome to Education ALIVE

Small groups create social skills, connections and a sense of belonging.

Welcome to Education ALIVE

Getting direction so you can reach your dreams!


Welcome to Education ALIVE

Trained upperclassmen help freshmen find their way.

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What We Do

Education Alive takes High School freshmen on a journey. 

On the student’s journey, they will travel through an area where others have gone before them and left a trail. And on that trail (or trails) they will identify and develop their individual strengths, learn to recognize roadblocks and come to understand that the impossible can be possible as they overcome obstacles using the strength and experience of trained guides.

Through The Journey to the Summit they will be guided by mentors (experienced upperclassmen and teachers) that will be there to provide support and encouragement.

And they will be introduced to a special set of mentors that will function the same as the sherpas on Everest. Students will find out why they are called sherpas during their Basecamp experience at the start of the Journey.

For our students, the sherpa guides will serve as living introductions to the world of exploring the various career options and opportunities that are available in today’s exciting and changing world.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come fully alive.” 

                                                                        – Howard Thurman,
Founder Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

The Journey or the Summit?


When Lucy Westlake reached the top of the world, she was in disbelief.

“It was so surreal,” she said. “I was telling myself, ‘You did it. You did it. You did it.’”

The incoming USC Price freshman arrived at Mount Everest’s peak at 5:36 a.m. on May 12, 2022, earning the distinction as the youngest American woman to summit the highest mountain on Earth.

But she learned the old expression is true: Life is about the journey, not the destination. “It’s not all about the summit. It’s really about the journey going up there, pushing yourself and doing the best you can,” she said.

Dr Robert Brooks

Being Proactive is the Best Strategy!

According to Dr. Robert Brooks, a leading psychologist on the topic of mental health in children and who serves on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, nurturing positive emotions and creating a positive culture is the best strategy in creating safe schools!

In his most recent book: Handbook of Resilience in Children (2023), Dr Brooks explains four student needs school should satisfy to nurture positive emotions, learning, intrinsic motivation, caring, purpose, and resilience in schools.

The Navigator Program, through the Journey to the Summit, presents a way to address the four areas that Dr. Brooks identifies as needing improvement. Its goal is to create a better high school environment and help students become stronger and more resilient.

              1. The Need to Belong and Feel Connected
              2. The Need for Self-Determination and Autonomy
              3. The Need to Feel Competent
              4. The Need to Experience a Sense of Purpose

The Navigator Program is based on assisting the local school district in creating a safe and resilient learning environment for student growth.

A safe learning environment fosters positive relationships between staff and students, encourages parental and community involvement, maintains high standards and inspires academic growth. Resolving conflict and preventing violence are also important factors and benefits in creating a safe learning environment.

By emphasizing Communication, Leadership, and Intrinsic Motivation, Education Alive helps to create academic success as students become career and/or college ready. Our training and curriculum improves maturity levels, creates positive relationships and instills safe behaviors to improve the positive learning conditions for every student as they are given the tools they need to be prepared for life today and their future.

The students’ success is our passion.

Click Here for more information on the application to Dr. Brooks’ work.