Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have fully come alive.    

--Howard Thurman   



Education ALIVE has created tools for students to fulfill an Individual Career Academic Pathway (ICAP) as determined by the Oklahoma State Board of Education. We strive to move students from what they know to who they will become.

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Education ALIVE Gives Students a Future Vision

Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish!

In a meaningful ICAP process, a student creates secondary and postsecondary course plans in pursuit of their career and life goals. They strategically select a postsecondary pathway to align with self-defined career, college and life goals. They establish better communication and engagement between school and home. They understand and demonstrate career exploration and career planning.  (The Oklahoma State Department of Education)

Education ALIVE fulfills the goals of ICAP and more. This curriculum content can be used in a variety of ways with different-aged students. It can be self-paced or taught in a structured or semi-structured classroom. It is very flexible, yet allows for an individualized approach, great depth of understanding, and personal application.

What students are saying about Education ALIVE:

71% of students say Education ALIVE has helped to determine their future goals.

58% of students say their classes now seem more relevant.

50% felt encouraged to have conversations with their parents about career goals.

83% would like to visit a place of training to learn more about a career that interests them.

Education ALIVE offers extensive career exploration to give students choice in where they would like to fit in, without the difficulty of logistics.

Education ALIVE even provides students with resources to explore field trips in the career that intrigues them.

What does Education ALIVE offer?

1. Extensive Career Exploration 

2. Leadership Curriculum 

3. Teacher Training 

3. Online Job Internships

4. Camp Experiences

Leadership is the cornerstone component to a meaningful ICAP process. 

Education ALIVE is creating the next generation of leaders!

Career Exploration

Our curriculum creates vision by opening doors to real experiences for students. This process creates transformation--bringing clarity and focus to a newfound career plan.

About Education ALIVE

The Link Between What You Know To Who You Will Become

Curiosity Driven Education

Changing the Narrative

Awakening the Learner


The vision of Education ALIVE is to revive the heart of the child and create a bond of curiosity between what they know to who they will become. This student driven career exploratory curriculum is process based. The education is fluid while the course content is infused. The videos and six activities bring hope to their future.

Virtual Education


Students are able to experience life through the lens of experts gaining life experience through virtual job shadow experiences. This up-close view answers a students question: "When are we ever going to use this?" which brings relevance and purpose of learning to a transformed classroom. 

Sustaining Hope by Changing The Narrative

Our dynamic educational approach engages and inspires students to see a world of opportunity—showing them a tangible future. Changing the narrative. A fresh perspective and a narrowed goal lead to a new culture, where every experience matters. The student recognizes that they have a story—and each chapter helps build the pathway to their newfound career goal. 

Meet Colin Stringer - Our Culinary Sherpa

Join us on this adventure, as we climb to revive the heart of the child.

Includes Six Supplemental Activities

Video Review

The students will answer a few questions over the content of the job shadow experience.

Career Exploration

The student explores, explains and elaborates on one of the career paths within the unit, diving deeper into a career cluster.

Soft Skills Explained

In each unit the required soft skills, character qualities and leadership characteristics are illustrated to the student.

Interaction with the World

All units will identify and expand on how individuals and communities will interact with the different fields.

Comparison of Technical Skills

A short quiz focuses on field knowledge required, giving the student an opportunity to compare their previous understanding.

Reflection of Growth

Now, the student evaluates their connection within the field to determine their next step. Field trips will be planned to further study.