Awaken Learning through Inspired Virtual Education

Awaken Learning through Inspired Virtual Education

Awaken Learning through Inspired Virtual EducationAwaken Learning through Inspired Virtual EducationAwaken Learning through Inspired Virtual Education

Student Exploration Inspiring Life Application

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.   - Howard Thurman .     

About Education ALIVE

The Link Between What You Know To Who You Will Become

Curiosity Driven Education

Changing the Narrative 

Awakening the Learner


The vision of Education ALIVE is to revive the heart of the child and create a bond of curiosity between what they know to who they will become. We have created activities in our Leadership Course to awaken the learner while strategically developing in the student high demand employability skills like communication, responsibility, work-ethic, self-determination, creativity, emotional IQ, collaboration, self-awareness and problem solving techniques. 

Virtual Education


Students are able to experience life through the lens of the Sherpas who provide a virtual in depth job shadow experience. This up-close view of the experts career answers a students question: "When are we ever going to use this?" which brings purpose and relevance of learning to a transformed classroom. have been created This curriculum is much more process based than product based where education is fluid while the course content is infused.

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Social Media

In addition to our virtual career exploratory curriculum, our facebook page offers students avenues to connect to the community through projects, events, field trips, job shadow experiences, mentorship opportunities and suggested classes offered in the state.

Sustaining Hope by Changing The Narrative

Our dynamic educational approach engages and inspires students to see a world of opportunity—showing them a tangible future. Changing the narrative. A fresh perspective and a narrowed goal lead to a new culture, where every experience matters. The student recognizes that they have a story—and each chapter helps build the pathway to their newfound career goal.