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About Education ALIVE

Education ALIVE is a multi-phase systemized program that uses teacher lead curriculum, near-peer mentorship and organized fun activities to meet the needs of today’s high school students as they prepare for life after school, while developing the skills need for success in their high school education and family environments..

The system starts with Teacher Professional Development that qualifies for and exceeds the requirements of the State of Oklahoma’s Highly Qualified (HQ) Teacher designation. This is developed in our Explorer Certification Program. However, if a teacher chooses not to certify, they can use the provided expertise of our program developer’s video guides as a tool to lead the class.

The second phase involves the training and certifying of near-peer mentors or navigators.  Near-peer mentoring is a process where a mentor is close to the social, professional, or age level of the mentee. Often, near-peer mentors are better able to interact with and understand the struggles of students.

We train upperclassmen to work with and mentor the incoming freshmen. This provides the upperclassmen an opportunity to develop the soft-skills: communications, inter-personal and leadership. It also provides a safe near-peer for the freshman that they can relate to and respect.

The final phase is the Journey to the Summit (previously referred to as the Navigator Program) Series. Just as Mt Everest climbers have to train and prepare to make the climb, students will train and prepare for their high school and future careers through a series of fun and challenging mentor and teacher lead events.

Using the teacher/leader’s guide and the skills of the near-peer mentors, students undertake a journey from basecamp, to the various camp levels, until they reach the summit. The camp levels are achieved after taking a series of trails that develop and meet the needs of today’s students. The trails help them identify their individual strengths, roadblocks to their success and point to options on their path forward.

Completion of each of the three phases (teacher, mentor/navigator, journey) results in a certification. Reaching the camps along the Journey to the Summit will also result in a merit award and recognition.

Education Alive, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State,
under filing number 4312941501.

Our Team Members

Our journey started when we found ourselves at the same place, at the same time; not just a physical location (a camp), but mentally (needing rest), and spiritually (seeking after God).

And within both of us there was the desire to help public education thrive. 

Alise Day


Alise is the Founder of Education ALIVE. She has a Master of Art's Degree in Educational Leadership and a Secondary Education Degree in Mathematics.

Alise Day

She is a certified Elementary and Secondary Principal who has 30 years of experience in education from a variety of settings.

Alise is known to be a catalyst for positive change.

Her passion for students and education has prompted her to partner with professionals to develop career exploration curriculum. The non-profit Education ALIVE INC. came about as a byproduct to give allowance for community partners to more fully support education.

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Kathy Davis


Kathy is an exceptional strategist. She brings a uniquely contrasting wealth of expertise and experience as a National Board Certified English teacher with a background in Leadership.

Kathy Davis

Kathy has 35+ years of experience in the strategy and implementation of leading students to be all they were meant to be.

Prior to teaching for fifteen years, she served as a camp director where she developed an ongoing leadership program.

She is someone of equal understanding, capability, and devotion to this endeavor.
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At Education ALIVE, we believe that all of life is education!


Life involves engagement, exploration and adventure. Education ALIVE provides pathways within school so students can become who they were meant to be. We believe education belongs to the student first. We are here to help navigate the way.

“It’s about taking the knowledge students need from books and assimilating it into learning activities. It’s not just about problem-solving, but about activities that allow them to learn problem-solving skills.”
–Kathy Davis

Our Participants Said:

Freshman Participant

When Asked How the Program Helped Them

“I have learned more about myself giving me new found confidence. I have become more optimistic.”

Freshman Particiant

Talking about Positive Culture

My anger has subsided. My math has gotten easier!

Freshman Navigator

About Cognitive Development

I have become more mature and my social anxiety has gotten better. I have experienced a lot of mental growth.

Senior Mentor

Talking about Positive Culture

The students now know how to communicate and socialize where before this course they did not. This is helping them in all areas of their life. It has given them the ability to belong and feel connected.

Tiffani Hoover


Regarding Engaged Learners: “The students who were in my Navigator Course became better students and athletes.

Senior Mentor

Talking about Positive Culture

I have better relationships with everyone in my life including my parents and every one in my family.”

Freshman Navigator

When Asked About Their Future

I previously did not have a lot of hope for the future, but now I have realized I would love to be a computer software engineer.

Senior Mentor

When Asked About the Culture

The Freshmen are learning to be good people and they are spreading that kind of care to others in their own way as I have given to them.

The Power of Choice

Choices lead us to a life of freedom or bondage, to a life of contentment or dissatisfaction. One of our greatest mistakes is to treat the gift of choice as though it is not valuable, as though because it is common it is not unique.
Our choices are uniquely ours; we answer for them; we stand up under the weight of their consequences, good and bad. We make them and then they make us.

“Alise’s ability to help students with unique programs is advancing education’s big picture for them. Alise has been a unique example of helping educate the youth in Oklahoma by using her gifted and talented ideas to enhance the learning experience. This is furthering and opening doors for the youth of Oklahoma.” 

Travis Meyer

Tulsa's Chief Meteorologist, KOTV - Tulsa News on 6