Welcome to the Journey to the Summit

Life is About the Journey, Not the Destination!

It’s not all about the summit. It’s really about the journey going up there, pushing yourself and doing the best you can.

Navigator and ICAP

The Oklahoma State Department of Education recently introduced the concept of ICAP or Individual Career Academic Plan. (For more information on ICAP, Click Here)

The term ICAP refers to both a process that helps students engage in academic and career development activities and a product that is created and maintained for students’ academic, career and personal advancement.

ICAP is a student-driven, ongoing process that actively engages students, enabling them to:

      • Understand their own interests, strengths, values and learning styles
      • Create a vision of their future
      • Develop individual goals
      • Prepare a personal plan for achieving their vision and goals

The ICAP process and products provide clear benefits to both students and schools if the district supports ICAP efforts in a strategic and coordinated manner. However, Districts must make a shift in thinking, approaching and delivering career development in their schools in order to help students and their families become more informed consumers of the education and training required to meet their personal goals.

This shift is a strategic one, toward a holistic and student-centered approach away from the ‘random acts of career development’ that occur now. Strong infrastructure, relationships and student awareness are key to successful implementation of ICAP.

The entire NAVIGATOR program was designed specifically to meet the needs of School Districts, and the teachers to  successfully meet the requirements of ICAP.

With ICAP, the product (The Journey to the Summit (grades 9-12) & Training for Basecamp (grades 6-8)) is intended to be dynamic and flexible, reflecting the following:

      • Students’ coursework, learning and assessment results
      • Students’ postsecondary plans, aligned with their career, academic and personal/social goals and financial reality
      • Students’ records of college- and career-readiness activitiesOklahoma is onto something great with the Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP). 

The creators of the ICAP have realized the need to focus on the whole student: this is exactly what Navigator and the Journey to the Summit does–addresses the whole student: mind, body and soul. 

The Navigator curriculum (including the Educator Professional Development, Mentor Development and the Journey to the Summit) combines key concepts that challenge and encourage the student to grow in the following areas: perspective, paradigm and paradigm shift, empathy, the power of choice, the power of love languages in communication, who we are through the Myers Briggs Type-Indicator (MBTI), grit, fixed and growth mindset, building resilience and exploring agency and pathways into greater hope.

Other Benefits of the Navigator Program

(Including Journey to the Summit and Training for Basecamp)

  • Establishes career readiness skills – 21st Century Skills 
  • Identifies individual student interests as it relates to ICAP
  • Student ICAP portfolio prepared by students and uploaded into OKCareerguide.org, OKCollegeStart.org, or the websource your school has chosen, for future access
  • Training for Basecamp designed specifically for 6th grade
  • Journey to the Summit designed specifically for 9th grade
  • Semester class pairs well with Financial Literacy found at foolproofme.org* as per Oklahoma state standards. More great resources for Financial Literacy can be found at NGPF.org
  • Incorporating Senior/Junior Mentors gets second-tier leadership students involved at your school – lightening the work load for the teachers. It is a mentorship designed to positively impact school culture and student accountability. (Training leading to Mentor Certification is required. Led and certified by Education ALIVE.)
  • Trained mentors inspire hope and create emotional/mental well-being
  • Trained mentors make the most of school resources inspiring and engaging the student. (Near-peer mentorship is highly effective for all types of students when the mentor is trained well.)
  • The Journey to the Summit program has been proven to ignite learning for secondary grades!
  • 80% of the senior mentors surveyed stated that this one program had a positive impact on their school culture.
  • 83% of freshmen would like to visit a place of training to learn more about a career that interests them.
  • 71% of students say Education ALIVE has helped to determine their future goals.
  • After just a few months of using the career exploration material more than 1/2 of the class say their classes now seem more relevant

* Foolproofme.org is a wonderful Financial Literacy online platform that covers all of the Oklahoma PASS standards.  It is free and easy to use.  If you would like, the Education ALIVE Team will help you through the process of setting up your class, selecting the components, and implementing this well thought out curriculum.