Welcome to The Journey to the Summit

Life is About the Journey, Not the Destination!

It’s not all about the summit. It’s really about the journey going up there, pushing yourself and doing the best you can.

The Journey to the Summit– a High School Semester Course

Your Journey to the Summit will be a guided journey to help you discover your passions, strengths and skills. Students come from different and varied backgrounds with all kinds of passions, hopes, wants and needs. Every student has a different goal – a summit – they want to achieve. For some it is to finish high school – for others it is college, graduate degrees and a specialized career field.  All goals and summits are great – as long as it is your summit!

Certified upperclassmen (the student mentors) will partner with you and guide you through various stages, trails and camps to enable your high school career to be the best experience of your life so far! No matter where you are now, or where you hope to go, the choice is yours and it is powerful. The small choices you make are important, choose wisely. You are powerful!

Highly trained and qualified teachers will direct your climb to your summit, using proven curriculum and methods. And you will be introduced to some special helpers (more on that later)!

Introduction To
the Journey to the Summit

Why This Program & System At This Time?

The Journey to the Summit is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore who they are, how they are motivated, what makes them come alive.

They also need to develop their skills and interests while using that knowledge to direct them on the best life/career path.

The Journey to the Summit not only gives them this opportunity, but it is designed to assist them through the process.

But why now?

We believe that students possess various levels of  leadership potential and a deep passion to change the world, and that they can discover their calling and pursue it.

Our culture needs people committed to making a positive difference.

There are opposing viewpoints competing for the allegiance of our young people today, and the question is, how well equipped are they to effectively engage in this emerging struggle?

They can be!

Education ALIVE is preparing the next generation of leaders to exercise the kind of strategic influence that is needed to set the right course for our future.

It’s time for Education to come ALIVE!



There are five (5) major issues facing teens in today’s world, and we have designed The Journey to the Summit to counter these issues:

Drug Abuse, Suicide, Violence, Anxiety and Social Isolation

 While no single program can completely counter or stop these issues, this program is designed to provide an avenue to allow the conversation to be heard.

Safe and Successful Learning

The NAVIGATOR Program: The Journey to the Summit provides a guide so every student can become all they were meant to be! This program helps to:

Create Safe Schools

Build Resilient Students

Develop Positive Relationships

Promote Academic Success

Education ALIVE provides training and curriculum to improve behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for every student while giving them the tools they need for high school and beyond! 

Student success is our passion!



Like the experienced hiker who’s pursuing his or her journey to a mountain summit,
the Education ALIVE program takes students on a similar journey.

Our goal is to help young leaders navigate life and ultimately reach their summit of greatest success–positioning them to influence the culture for the greatest good.

Education ALIVE offers next-generation leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership potential within a variety of dynamic environments – that we call trails – all while learning alongside their peers from some of the top leaders and culture-shapers of our day.

To accomplish that, Education ALIVE uses:

  • Teacher lead activities and discussions
  • Peer lead small groups to create social skills, connections and a sense of belonging
  • Expert career coaching by those involved in the various business fields




The Journey to the Summit is a semester-based program which serves as the conduit for the most significant development for the freshmen participants.

Our program administrator will provide instruction through various on-line methods. This will be for the teacher leaders and upperclassmen mentors.

As teachers are exposed to the program, many may wish to become certified to lead this in the future. Certification is available through Education ALIVE.

Upperclassmen are selected as mentors and trained using online and in-person training.

The mentors will work alongside the teacher during the semester in the activities and training sessions in small groups.




Pre-Journey to the Summit:

The Journey to the Summit starts with the optional Training for Basecamp. This is the course for use in Grades 6-8.


Journey to the Summit

The Journey to the Summit for freshmen starts with Basecamp where we establish a strong foundation.

Basecamp is a period of growth and self-reflection preparing you for your journey.

The Journey continues with The Journey Begins.

The Journey Begins introduces the concept of education and life being a series of stepping stones, as opposed to a giant graduation. The Journey Begins starts the process of moving from insignificance to significance.

As this module prepares for the trails section, small groups are created through a process we call “The Blind Draft” after a week of “Playing with a Purpose.”

The Journey continues with the Trails Section:

Trail 1: The Blue Trail

The Blue Trail is about teaching perspective, paradigm and paradigm shift. It helps the student to understand that what we see (as well as what we don’t see) matters.

Trail 2: The Orange Trail

The Orange Trail introduces the concept of GRIT: Goal, Resilience, Intense Interest, Tenacity. It helps the student to understand that both Hope and Failure serve as motivating factors.

Break: The Scenic Outlook

The Scenic Outlook provides an opportunity to stop and take inventory of the things and people around you.  It asks the question: How fluently do you communicate with the people around you?

Trail 3: The Green Trail

The Green Trail allows the student to explore their different personalities and preferences, strengths and weaknesses, as they discover their place in the community.

It helps the student to start to understand their personality based on the 16 various personality types (Meyer-Briggs Online quiz).

Trail 4: The Switchback Trail

The Switchback Trail introduces the life of Scott Harrison, and by examining his life, students can see how their own experiences can lead to growth and change. It helps the student to understand that everything in life, even the negative events, can help them find their passion.

Trail 5: The Double Black Trail

The Double Black Trail introduces the concept of discipline – not as a punishment, but as a sequence of repeated choices until the choice itself doesn’t even surface, only the action it creates. It helps the student to understand that habits can make you or break you – but the choice is yours.

Trail 6: The Guided Trail

The Guided Trail teaches the value of influence and how it can be used to get to our chosen destination. Just as an accurate and reliable trail map can make the difference in reaching your desired destination, knowing where you want to go begins with keeping the end in mind.

Reaching The Summit

Reaching the Summit indicates that the student has reached a new level in their high school career.  This is a time of reflection as they look back on where they have been, what they have experienced and who they are – so far. However, this is not the end, but the beginning of the rest of their lives.

The Solo Hike

The Solo Hike is all about applying the skills and using the resources that have been introduced and developed during the previous weeks to prepare an initial plan of action for their career (whether it is finishing High School or going on to lead our nation)!

Using the mentors and other resources, students start preparing their career journey map.




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