Criminal Justice


Crimes and Careers 

Detective Kim Davis gives insight into a worldwide case she worked concerning racial tension, poverty and the relationship between the police department and the public.

"Listen to every perspective to find the truth" 

Design and Construction


The OKC Wheeler District's director of urban design, architect Sam Day, goes into depth about the process of building and the careers associated with them. "Reputation and caring about the work is critical in the trades."



Training and Careers

Flight instructor John Wise explores aviation. He includes career opportunities, training required, costs involved and salaries associated with them. "There are lots of opportunities in aviation."



Nonesuch - 2018 New Best Restaurant. 

Head chef and co-founder Colin Stringer (far right) brings life to a paradigm shift by giving us an up close look at his journey.

. "How to find work you will love"

Banking and Finance


Your Money

Banking experts explore the subject of money including career opportunities, personal spending, the cost of living and starting your own business. "Are you ready to make a decision"

Music and Emotions


Music and Emotions

Kaci Baldwin guides us into the magic of music and the variety of career opportunities. She is married to Josh, a local leader of youth and they are raising three adorable boys. "Music can make a difference in your emotional health"

Site Content



This unit also includes how to make decisions regarding your future career and mate. Nate and Jaime discuss their recent dating life, marriage, and dental school.

Summer Camp


Camp Director Pete Day explains the great reward in serving people. We will make a budget, look at transferable skill sets and seek community service opportunities to develop those skills.



Gregg Noel points out the career opportunities that exist in agriculture. He also explains the benefits of visiting with others and how to get started.



A tour of a hospital is a great way to explore careers in the health field. Leon Boar (Hospital Chief Executive Officer) gets up close to reveal the working of a hospital and the associated careers.

Small Business


Chuck and Megan Ulrich describe why they became interested in trees and how it led to a small business that they have operated together for 25 years. We look to find out what is the secret to getting along so well.

Broadcasting & Meteorology


In this unit we go behind the scenes to discover what it takes to put a news broadcast on the air and look in depth at the weather radars that meteorologist use to bring the warnings of severe weather.