Think with the End in Mind!

This journey you are about to begin is more about the process of becoming who you are meant to be rather than finding a life career choice. The career exploration component is critical, but we believe finding your career is not a one event, but rather an evolving process that we want to help get started. The things you will learn in this course will be life altering. 

We will be exploring 18 different fields of study each with their many divergent careers associated with the field of study. Sherpas will lead us into their profession as we climb the mountain to become who we were meant to be.

Students will send the results of their surveys to their parents/guardians opening productive conversations which gives parents the opportunity to give careful and thoughtful direction to their son/daughter according to how they are made. Teachers will become guides in this curriculum. They will be guiding the students through self-discovery and career exploratory activities in helping them come ALIVE! 

We want the students to become more involved with the community. We know community helps raise up strong families. We want them to be a part of the process. Developing relationships with community partners gives allowance for mentorship opportunities and the development of transferable skill sets.

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You are about to start a journey through this career exploratory curriculum. It will be a navigational tool to guide you into your future. 

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You will serve as the students guide by asking questions to engage the student as they grow their capacity to learn. 

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