You are the Guide on this Journey!

Your job is to facilitate discussions, personal and group engagement. The students will be given the activities. We want them to own this process so your common answer will often be another question. You will be experiencing this journey with your students. your students guide. Your journey in this process is to experience the journey with your students. The content of the curriculum is not upon your shoulders. You are not the instructor but rather a guide. The instruction comes from within the website. You may have the students work through the website alone or together as a class. The students will be watching videos and answering questions on google forms or with occasional google docs. All the students participating will be watching the videos and completing the activities within similar time frames. They will have group activities which will include discussions and games on occasion. 

You are a guide to help inspire discussions and draw out further investigation. We want you to lead the student by asking them more questions pointing them in the right direction to empower them to discover the process by which they can find their own answers to their own questions. Sometimes it takes another question by you to give them guidance for the next step. It might not be a question that comes to mind so easily for you but not so much for them.

This is a changed mindset in the classroom. This will occur as part of the process in which you are climbing the mountain together. Your role in the classroom will need to be transformed so that students navigate their own education and our inspired intrinsically. The timing in which the students will be transformed will not all be the same. There even may be some growing pains at times, but stay with the course and watch it unfold. As students have a changed mindset and gravitate toward learning that is meaningful to them, your job will be transformed.

 It will be much like education you have never experienced. The student will be excited about learning and have things they want to learn on their own. Let them! Stir this curiosity. At times you may have opportunities to inspire them by giving them more fuel. Pay attention to when this may be helpful in giving them the next step which would include a deeper more hands on experience within the unit. Things like speakers or hands on experiences. At times we will be making suggestions, but also ask the students what they would like to do next. Would they like to see a crimes scene. Would they like to go to OCO@ACM after completing the music video. This may take a little extra work, but it will be worth it in the end. A transformed classroom, where the student is excited about education bringing autonomy and energy to the table is an ideal environment for fluid, life giving learning. They will begin to take off. This might feel scary at times, as if you are in a plane with a student pilot but a student who is ready to learn both with the capacity, confidence and drive is easy to navigate. 

You will need to watch the videos and look over the questions in the google forms so that you can have a depth of understanding as to where you should be leading the students. Parents/guardians will be able to share in some of the responsibility of guiding their student into their future. We will be giving them a specific role to play which will be of great service for everyone. The student will be sending their responses from the google  forms to their parents/guardians. Therefore, on every google form the email they list at the top needs to be to their parent/guardian who you will need it will be coming. We can set this up iThis gives the parent/guardian an opportunity to have great discussions with their student and get to know them better. It also gives the student accountability with the parent which is putting it in a very appropriate location. This will also give the parent/guardian an opportunity to help guide their student's future plans as they get to know them better as well. 

The System of Operation

The student will be meeting Sherpa guides in each unit. They will be leading the way to a greater depth of understanding both into the field of study and regarding the tools the Sherpas have used to navigate their life. The student works through the activities which is part of the students ascent up the mountain as they learn more about themselves and the world around them. We encourage you to follow the process moving in order from one unit to the next. Do not neglect the process. For it is within the process that the student's capacity for learning grows and draws them into more engagement. Once at the top they will have a better idea of who they are and where in the world they want to go!