What Students are Saying about the Curriculum

“Thank you for offering this to students, I enjoyed it and I hope you continue to do this.”

“I really have nothing to say but thank you for the opportunity for letting high school students to learn a new passion or to continue a passion.”

"This is a great way to bring people into the aviation field.”

“I really enjoyed this unit. At first I wasn't particularly interested in aviation, however, upon going to hear Heather speak and hearing her story. I became open to the aviation industry.”

“As I did my job research I found that I had a genuine interest in some of the professions in this field of work.”

 I really enjoyed learning about the various careers. The emergency operator field trip was extremely beneficial, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on another oppareers I would find interesting has been challenging. The speakers have truly made me consider ifortunity like it if at all possible. For me, choosing a major and even determining a small list of c a certain field would be right for me.