Your Journey

This curriculum is probably unlike any curriculum you have ever done!

It is living and breathing. It is real life and real people. It is real world problems and real world solutions. Like real life, it is a process to experience rather than a product to achieve. It is within these real life experiences that you will be shaped, inspired, transformed, acquiring the skills necessary to step into your future with confidence. 

You will be climbing a mountain guided by Sherpas. It is through this journey, you will get to know yourself better and the world around you. This self-awareness will serve you well. For, when you get to the top, you will be able to see much more clearly where in the world you want to fit in. You will discover problems you want to solve, people you want to help, challenges you want to conquer empowering you to enjoy life to its fullest.  

You will also have the assistance of classmates, teachers, parents, and even community members who will all have a role to play. Let them help you when needed. However, you will have to take ownership of your own journey, and do your own climbing with their guidance and support. Also, be aware of the people around you. Your unique talents, natural tendencies, and experiences will be needed by them at times. So, they can get to the top as well.  

Let's start the journey! Your first Sherpa guides will be Megan and Chuck Ulrich. They will meet you at the base of the mountain. Watch for spoken and unspoken clues that may help you along the way and make your future bright.

The System of Operation

You will move through one curriculum unit at a time. Start with the first unit "The Green Industry" and then move to "Manufacturing" and then "Dentistry" and so on. Many people will want to finish in a semester, which is fine, but we hope you will take time to get field experience in the careers of most interest to you. Anytime you can get in the field, take advantage of it, there is so much to learn and these types of experiences will prove to be invaluable for you! If you have any questions we are here to help.