Meet Colin Stringer - Our Culinary Sherpa

Join us on this adventure, as we climb to revive the heart of the child.

Includes Six Supplemental Activities

Video Review

The students will answer a few questions over the content of the job shadow experience.

Career Exploration

The student explores, explains and elaborates on one of the career paths within the unit, diving deeper into a career cluster.

Soft Skills Explained

In each unit the required soft skills, character qualities and leadership characteristics are illustrated to the student.

Interaction with the World

All units will identify and expand on how individuals and communities will interact with the different fields.

Comparison of Technical Skills

A short quiz focuses on field knowledge required, giving the student an opportunity to compare their previous understanding.

Reflection of Growth

Now, the student evaluates their connection within the field to determine their next step. Field trips will be planned to further study.

This is a small sample of one of our career exploratory units.

These are the types of activities included in each of the units. The results of each of the activities can be sent to a teacher or parent whichever is preferred. This curriculum is very flexible! It can be used individually or as a group. The amount of time you spend in each unit is also flexible. Therefore it can be done in a flex time or a full semester class. We also offer additional age appropriate resources through a shared google classroom. We are continually updating and adding career units of expressed interest by students to our selections.