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Our journey together began several years ago when we linked arms on a ropes course. 

both stepped away from the classroom for a year. Kathy Davis, an AP English Teacher was implementing "Strengthening Families" a curriculum based grant in an area better known as Lyrewood and Alise Day, a high school math teacher, she had been awarded awarded a curriculum based grant and Alise a math  which pointIn 2016, we both without really knowiing each othersU to each other We both had many years of ourney in education Without really know each other we both of us stepped away from teaching for two different reasons. Kathy wrote for a grant she was awarded and was in the stages of implementation. Alise was finishing her master's degree in educational leadership knowing that the future was needing to look different for her.

Once the learner is awakened the process of observation, interpretation, application is used to develop essential problem solving skills and stir curiosity giving allowance for the seeds of empathy to grow. This is accomplished and cultivated within the activities of each of the units becoming the link between what they know to who they will become.

Our dynamic educational approach engages and inspires students to see a world of opportunity—showing them a tangible future. This inspired curriculum becomes a vehicle bringing experts who can not leave the field to the student giving imperative support to the teacher. The "Sherpa" knocks on the front door for the student to answer transforming the classroom and changing the narrative. This new found "sherpa" guide brings a fresh perspective and a narrowed goal leading to a changed classroom culture for everyone, where every experience matters. The student recognizes that they have a story—and each chapter is essential in leading them in their journey to who they will become.  


About us


Alise Day

Alise is the Executive Director of Education ALIVE. She has a Master of Art's Degree in Educational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University as well as a Secondary Degree in Mathematics from Kansas State University. She has 30 years of experience in education from multiple settings both at the secondary and college level. Alise is known to be a catalyst for positive change. Her passion for students and education has prompted her to partner with professionals to develop career exploration curriculum. The non-profit Education ALIVE INC. came about as a byproduct to give allowance for community partners to more fully support education. 


The Day family

Alise and Jerry have been married for 31 years. They have four adult children Sam, Nate, Silas who is married to Leigha and Grace. The live in Oklahoma City. They each love to learn, love people and love each other.


Jerry and Alise

They enjoy exercising and just recently rode the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions in education. Your generous donation will fund our mission. We would like to hire a small staff to grow this product in video production and expanded teacher support to engage students within the classroom. 

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