Moving the Classroom into the Community

We will enable your classroom to be taught by the community.

We make it so that students don't even have to leave their home to be taught by career professionals. Education ALIVE has the means to set up online classrooms dually taught by career professionals and teachers. The career professional works with the teacher to provide the content in a shared google classroom.

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Curriculum Units

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Career Exploration


Let us help you climb that mountain!


Career Exploration

Career Exploration


Leading yourself is the most difficult part!

Is it the Truth?

Career Exploration

Is it the Truth?


Because they said it doesn't make it true!

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We offer courses designed for independent study and group settings. 


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This is a small sample of one of our career exploratory units.

These are the types of activities included in each of the units. The results of each of the activities can be sent to a teacher or parent whichever is preferred. This curriculum is very flexible! It can be used individually or as a group. The amount of time you spend in each unit is also flexible. Therefore it can be done in a flex time or a full semester class. We are continually updating and adding career units of expressed interest by students to our selections.