Student Mentor Interest Survey

Thank you for your interest in a Student Mentorship position for the upcoming school year.

Please read The Mindset of a Student Mentor (located below).  

If you are in agreement with the ideas presented, please complete and submit the application.  You will be contacted with further details by the Education ALIVE Mentorship Oversight Committee.  

The Mindset of a Student Mentor

In the Student Mentor Program we use these foundational guides:


I: Intentional Investment: Practice this way of thinking. See yourself in this role, as this person–Student Mentor. Remember that freshmen are following you. Be ready to answer to yourself and to others for where and why you are leading them. Mentors are servants.  Think about who you are serving: administrators, teachers, freshmen, parents, your high school as a whole.  You are responsible for the outcomes of your investment so invest wisely.  Ask yourself continually, “Is this wise?” This is your year.  The Senior Class of (Freshman class that is being mentored) will reflect who you were as Student Mentors.

C: Character Principled living: Who am I? What is the foundation of my life, my decisions, my thoughts, my words, my actions? What is the story my life is telling? Your social media is a reflection of who you are.  Influence here is critical.  Think before you post, “Who will it impact, and what might the impact be?”  Mentors continually have to consider how their actions will impact those they mentor.  Lead with love and empathy. Social media is a shadow that follows you everywhere you go.

A: Acceptance Display grace in your care for others. Don’t care less when they make a mistake; don’t care more when they are living well–see them as they are, and care. We must treat people as the valuable resource they are . You are valuable too; treat yourself with the same care.  It is easier to share what you possess.  From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

R: Recognition Recognize others. Call them by name. Help them to feel needed and known! Help them to find and recognize their place in the high school community. Broaden their recognition of programs and activities at the high school.  Broaden their recognition of career opportunities in order to narrow their focus on what makes them come fully alive in a career field.

E: Encouragement Urge others on to greatness through your words, actions and deeds.

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