Contact your local district attorney's office, usually by county, to set up a time for you to job shadow. Part of this experience is working well with others which in this case would also include your parents and school officials. This experience causes you to take the initiative and work on collaboration which are necessary skills for becoming a good lawyer. Hands on experience is the best way to acquire any skills even transferable skills like these and it will help you to determine if you really like the work of an attorney not just the thought of being one. You might want to visit two different types of settings both for a large urban (city) area and a smaller rural community or even visit the city where your state capitol is located.

Traffic Officer

Call the local police station and set up a time to interview a traffic officer. You might want to think of some questions you would like to ask them before calling. For example, what is the best and worst part of your job? What do you do most days? Who do you typically work with and what people do you serve. In addition, ask them very specifically what problems they typically have to solve. How do they determine fault? Ask if they will let you be involved in one of their cases and see if can follow some of the thoughts as they make decisions regarding who is at fault in a traffic accident.

Patrol Officer

Find an officer and ask them what is the most difficult things about their job. Ask them what kind of training you would need or transferable skills and what character qualities are critical for a law officer to maintain at all times. These are the character qualities you must begin to acquire. If you do not want to work toward that, then being a police officer might not be a good fit for you. There are a number of ways to begin to get involved with other officers by working with them in their programs of outreach to the community. Part of being a officer is creating a safe environment not just punitive measures.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and that is why police officers try to creatively shape safe communities by meeting some of the most difficult trying to foresee what could be done now before an arrest would need to take place later.

For Example:

K-9 unit

K9 University is a great place to start. They will typically welcome your visit and you will get the experience of working with these amazing dogs. Determining if you would like to be around these kinds of dogs is a part of working within your passion. This would be a great place to volunteer or even if you wanted a part time or full time job. Let them know in the interview of your interest in being part of the K-9 unit.


Scout Car

You can ride with a police officer in their scout car once you turn 18. You would need to ask an officer if you could ride with them or inquire at your school to find an officer that may be available. This will help you understand the profession in a more complete way. You will also be granted the opportunity to ask lots of questions as things come up during your job shadow experience and you will develop some connections which is helpful when acquiring a job.


Contact your local police department to connect to a detective. Ask them to walk you through a case they had to solve reflecting on the steps they took to solve the case. Could you do this kind of work? What would you enjoy about it.

Forensic Science

University of Central Oklahoma offers a nationally recognized forensic science program

If that is not possible for you look, locally to determine what will work for you. Do your own investigation. Do you like to investigate things or is it just the thought of the investigation that you like there is a big difference.


If you have an interest in FBI work, there are academies you should look into like the one listed below which will give you lots of hands on training which will prepare you for your future or give you evidence that this is not the right career for you if you do not enjoy the effort that is required to fulfill your responsibilities. It might also help you to determine which specific field you would most enjoy.

Youth Leadership Program - FBI-LEEDA