Education ALIVE is a non-profit formed to meet to curriculum needs of schools and individuals as they pursue the requirements for the Individual Career Academic Pathway. Moving students from what they know to who they will become is a process we take seriously. 

In this curriculum, students are able to have authentic job shadow experiences−without the logistics of leaving the classroom. This process begins to change the narrative for a student as they are able to understand how they can prepare for potential careers, bringing learning to life. 

Curriculum is built around recorded interviews with career mentors and job shadowing experiences. It is these videos and resources that produce a greater capacity for learning in students. The curriculum is a conduit for student interaction with each other, as well as with their parents, teachers, community partners and stakeholders.

We have specifically designed this curriculum to bring about "Cornerstone Moments", as the students build bridges to bring about stronger communities and concern for the well-being of others.  This is beneficial to emotional health, both for the one serving and the one receiving, as connection is a critical component of anyone's well-being and growth as a person. The Cornerstone Moment occurs when the student finds particular needs or problems in which they want to be part of the change or solution. This is typically when a student begins to have the driving direction and fuel to learn and move from what they know to who they will become.

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Education ALIVE is an ongoing movement of learning and growth. We are committed to bringing life to learning. 

The Oklahoma Journey in Creating and Implementing an Individual Career Academic Pathway

The Grant


Oklahoma wins $2 million as a statewide grant for early college and career initiatives.

House Bill 2155


Governor signs bill that develops ICAP: Individual Career Academic plan

The Requirements


Individual Career Academic Plan Oklahoma Legislation Requirements 

Oklahoma Edge

A Competitive Edge for College and Career

In order to be successful later in life, students need to make a plan for their future now.

Implementation Tool Kit


This tool kit is for the educator. This is not a to-do list, but suggestions that may be helpful.

Four ICAP Components


Stages for success: Awareness, Exploration, Preparedness, and Action.


A Job Shadow Experience Empowers Learning to be Student Driven.

Current Resources Available

OKCollege Start

Create your own college start account. This resource is a navigational tool both for educators and students. 

Oklahoma Career Guide

Oklahoma Career Tech: an easy online tool available for all Oklahomans. your student knows what they want to do this will be very beneficial.

Individual Academic Career Pathway

Additional Information

An ICAP is a multi-year process that guides students as they explore career, academic and postsecondary opportunities. Family, student and educators collaborate to develop the ICAP, which equips students with the awareness, knowledge and skills to create their own meaningful exploration of college and career opportunities. The ICAP is an evolving document that reflects students’ changing passions, aptitudes, interests and growth. 

Life beyond high school requires different competencies than in the past, and are ever-changing. By 2025, three of four Oklahoma jobs will require education or training beyond high school. When students complete an ICAP, they discover which pathways fit their unique talents and what kind of academic preparation and experiences will prepare them for in-demand careers, some of which may not even exist when they graduate from high school.

When students complete a meaningful ICAP process, they: 

1. Connect the relevance of education to their future goals. 

2. Create secondary and postsecondary course plans to pursue their career and life goals. 

3. Strategically select a postsecondary pathway to align with self-defined career, college and life goals. 

4. Establish better communication and engagement between school and home. 

5. Understand and demonstrate career exploration and career planning.

An ICAP has a strong, intentional connection with readiness for career and college. An ICAP identifies student interests, skills, postsecondary and workforce goals and experiences that lead to a meaningful plan that charts the progress needed to prepare students for college, career and life. 

It should include: 

• Career and college interest surveys 

• Written postsecondary and workforce goals and progress toward those goals 

• Scores on assessments (required state and federal assessments and a college and career ready assessment) 

• Experiences in service learning and/or work environments including apprenticeships, internships, mentorships, job shadowing and others 

• Intentional sequence of courses that reflects progress toward the postsecondary goal (this may include identified career pathways or career endorsements) 

• Academic progress.

ICAP is not just another graduation checklist – it is student-driven and student-owned. This plan will empower them to:

  • Understand their own interests, strengths, values and learning styles
  • Create a vision of their future
  • Develop individual goals
  • Prepare a personal plan for achieving their vision and goals
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