About Us


Alise Day

Alise Day, Executive Director and founder of Education ALIVE has her Master's degree in Educational Leadership with a Bachelor's degree in secondary mathematics education. She has taught for 30 years in multiple different settings both at the college and secondary level in large and small schools mostly public but also private, She is a wife to Jerry Day and they have four children. Sam, Silas, his wife Leigha, Nate and Grace.  She has worked both in the classroom and as a mom to help kids find their passions and pursue them with all their might.


Jerry Day

Jerry Day has a Bachelor's degree in engineering. Jerry and Alise have been married for over 30 years. Jerry's heart for education has come in the form of helping others learn to read, get a GED and additional training for jobs that best fit them. He has served Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) as a volunteer and part of the Board for over 20 years. He is a loving husband and devoted father.